48 thoughts on “How to Start a BLOG that Makes MONEY

  1. I wanted to start a lifestyle blog. I am on a jorney to eating healthier (Vegan), cultivavting healthy thoughts, and putting out better energy into the universe. All these can effect us mentally physically emotionally so I am on a new journey. I wanted to engage people on my vegan journey and more.

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  4. Fantastic, didn’t need any more tech tutorials, need more mindset, decision making, strategy! Thanks for this overview.

  5. It's so annoying when youtubers tell you to click the like button or subscribe. It's been repeated to us too many goddam times.

  6. Cool video, how do we get to do the affiliate marketing? How do we get a referral link? I know thats what I’m trying to do for Lyft and Chase because they sent me referral codes for being a customer/driver. How else do we get other ones?

  7. I just can't figure out the right path to get a great blog site up from a technical standpoint! So confusing! I can't do WordPress and don't have tons of money I wish you would do a video on this I am sure other people struggle with this! I can't start the blog be suse I can't figure out what the best way to do it is and how to get it noticed. Thank you Gillian! Great job!

  8. Can i register more websites with anyoe hosting service providers or i must have different service providers for different websites

  9. I LOVED this video – it can be a very overwhelming process and I clicked on similar videos, got freaked out and exited right away – you have a really nice and calming way of relaying the info so thank you!!

  10. Excellent video!!! I’m starting a blog with my husband and I’m definitely going to follow every single step. Thank you ?? ???

  11. I am a beginning blogger. I don't know, How do but i shot landscapes photography, Birds, flowers and coffee photo. Thank! Gillian.

  12. This video is priceless! I started a blog in like 2012 and like many who start blogs I gave up way too soon. I want to give blogging another try. I'm relaunching my YouTube channel soon so that's going to be my focus. But I'm still going to start back blogging.

  13. Do you know which website hosts and/or software own your material? Some user agreements have conditions of content and maintain the right to take down your site without notice.

  14. What you will offer..?
    Brainstorm blog ideas
    Start your blog
    Start bloging
    Engage with your audience
    How you can add more value

  15. Very helpful advice on blogging. Thanks for sharing. I only have one complaint about your office: it is too white. Hear me out, My eyes are sensitive to light and the overexposure of white is making my eyes feel uncomfortable. Too much white negatively affects readability and generally makes it difficult for people with light sensitivities to view your work. Which is why Dark modes are so needed because it is so accommodating for people with light sensitivity.

  16. This might be a silly question, but do I need a computer to start a blog? I only have an iPhone right now. Could I start it from my phone and then eventually get a laptop?

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  18. May God bless you even more! I never comment, but your delivery, knowledge, and generosity is just beyond superb.

  19. thank you so much ! I definitely want to start a blog and this has helped me so much to take the first steps!

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