How to think in English and stop translating in your head

How to think in English and stop translating in your head

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  1. I need to practice my english more, but this video is amazing, i love this channel now. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 😀

  2. It's so cool to understand every single English word… Thank you!!! I try to use English in my everyday life.

  3. Вы говорите "ченэл" очень не по-английски. У них не так мягко звучит это слово у вас это по-русски все равно. Почти "шенэл" получается. Мне кажется "чэнэл" – более правильно будет. Это выдает ваше происхождение и сразу слышно по первым словам, что вы не native speaker.

  4. you can't think totally in english, because you have another language in your memory, the brain doesn't work like that, the best way for speaking confidently in english is trying to comunicate, reading a lot, listening everyday, and trying write something everyday.

  5. One day you are going to talk without translating in your head, but firt you need to practice and repeating and repeating again and again your brain will adapt to the new language.

  6. I have got a problem because I understand every single word in some sentences but I don’t the sens of it. How to overcome it? Helppppp

  7. Hi! This is my first topic in English.

    Today I started reading a book in English and watching films and my lovely serials in English on Netflix. It`s so cool! 🙂

  8. I watch you video every day and I really like how u talk about different things and I understend everything. Because you really like what do you do. Thank you so much for your videos and chanel. You help me every day?

  9. Do people really dream in English? It seems to me that many English learners truly believe that they must dream in English to switch to the next level of fluency but, honestly, I have never in my life spoken in a dream. Neither in Spanish nor another beautiful language. I doubt this is true…

  10. One of the most challenges that I feel when learning english is consistensy. How do we stay motivated or excited to do that thing repeatly? To be honest, sometimes you have a lot of energy, desire to study English but sometimes you haven't. Could someone give me any suggestion to keep me motivated when I learn English?

  11. Hi Marina, thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry for the off-topic, but still: I vaguely remember that you have recommended a good English text editing service for university applicants back in one of your previous videos. Would you be so kind to leave the link one more time? Terribly need to find it but it seems my chances to discover it again among the variety of videos are very scarce 🙂

  12. Watching english movies, cartoons, kid shows helped me when I was a toddler. Movies have the visuals, you can see the emotions and the context clues and it feels like youre with them in the conversation even if at first, you couldnt understand

  13. Why I am translating your words in my native language..?????
    Literally it's tough for us to transform from maternal language..

  14. Actually I am thankful for you ?
    Entire my time when I use my mobile I use it by English language BUT ? When someone ask me about settings or about any app in his/her mobile then he/she tell me 'my mobile is in Arabic' ☹️ I get confused HOW TO TRANSLATE WORDS then tell him what he have to do ? Now thank you a lot cause you told me in this video it doesn't matter to know how to translate from English to my native ?

    Just think in EnGlisH ?

  15. All the words I learn I search for the meaning of them in english but I fear that when people ask me the translation of some word I can't tell cause I know that word just in english, and I start to think: what's the point of knowing another language if you cant tell the meaning in your own language. So I cant help it, and I just search for the translation to my own language too.

  16. learn English through communication with different people from different countries so that's why i want to talk with those who's does not know about my first language hindi my what's app no is +923126602653

  17. Hey Marina,
    I just discovered your YouTube channel; it is excellent. You do have one more subscriber!
    I went through a similar process described in the video, and one morning, after having read some pages of a book in English, I fell asleep and dreamed in English. At the time, I was studying English and living in an American family in Boston. From that day on, I didn't have to translate in my mind; I started thinking in English.
    However, I'm far from speaking fluently as you, and my accent still shows that I'm Italian.
    In about ten days I'll start a new job in an English speaking company in Italy, and I feel like I need to refresh my English, so I have the television turned on BBC News in the background, all the time while performing house chores, cooking, fixing something, etc. I'm not paying attention to what they are saying unless I catch something interesting, so I switch to active listening.
    Every day I watch YouTube videos and read blogs in English for no less than one hour.
    Every evening I read as many pages I can of a book in English, about 10/15 pages before falling asleep.
    Lucky you that live in San Francisco, I miss that city, I got my bachelor degree from the University of San Francisco.

  18. I’m trying to learn german. I learned english as my second language when i was 14 because of my english mom, but i grew up alone with my father in South Korea as a young child until i moved. I love language learning and i am working on Thai, German and spanish, but i’m working on mainly German. ❤️

  19. Native language and emotional intelligence are very closely connected…… Switching to thinking in another language is NOT a desirable asset by any means. Stop misguiding your audience.

  20. I have been studying English for over 10 years after starting my business.
    Now I can listen, read, and write English with less difficulty.
    But when it comes to speaking, I still need to improve my vocabulary to have smooth conversations.

    I think I got some tips via this video for improving mine , thank you.

  21. Marina, thank you for this interesting and useful video!?
    Can you film the video about tips for improving listening? Pls?

  22. Write down on white paper is a fabulous idea. What I do at least once for week is to record me and later write down what I understand.

  23. Where have you been my whole life? I mean nothing, nothing was new in this video. Don't get me wrong, I loved every part of it but I felt like I was listening to myself. I'm so relieved I'm not alone out there in thinking about English in English this way ??

  24. Hi, Marina, I'm Zahra from Kurdistan.
    I'm specialized in the English language but still, I need to practice my language 'cause in our country we can rarely find a native speaker to communicate with them, what can we do in these situations?
    Thanks dear for your super nice and simple videos. Love you ?

  25. hi Marina thanks for your tips, i think that the thing badly struggling me with is talking naturally. I always let little spots when i rarely find a partner to talk in English but i guess that requires practice, practice and practice.
    São Paulo – City. – Brazil

  26. Wow, I’m really enjoying watching all the videos that you’ve made.And the most difficult thing to me is that I can’t speak English fluently when I want to express something.It’s kind of awful!

  27. Any German native is here who're learning english, I wanna learn german for a specific purpose. I can help you to learn English in exchange of german. If you wanna practice with me. Please write down your whatsapp number here ??

  28. Maybe someone has the same. When I started switch to english is was really fun at first. But then I noticed that this feeling is very strange for me. Like I came over to some new place and feel some stress. What does it mean?

  29. I moved to United States last year. So, I worked with Americans for one year, but I still can not think in English and can not speak fluently. Because when I get home I speak in my native language with my husband. It really makes my progress slow.
    Marina, I’m wondering if you still think in English although you speak Russian with your husband most of the time in a day? Thanks for the video!❤️

  30. Hi, I have a problem with speaking and I know that the only solution is ''Practise''. I'm looking for people who have the same problem like me and who want to improve their speaking… We could use messenger to contact with each other.

  31. Like here from Brazil. If I don't change the law 4 years from now, I'll retire at 50. I was a carter for 10 years, 17 years ago I am concurdado here in MG. I will retire with 32 years of contribution.  Thank God my professional and financial situation is structured. When I live outside Brazil I can still work by truck driver (first world countries pay well) or in the area of ​​safety. Form the children and live in a safe country.

  32. I'm from Los Angeles and I learned Spanish and English at the same time . I never thought about thinking in 2 different languages, to me English and Spanish is the same . Example everything has 2 names and whatever name I decided to go with determine the language I speak. Even though I speak 2 languages it feels like 1 lol it's weird

  33. I know it sounds weird for some, i sometimes talk to myself when i'm doing my stuff, routine , i say all that i have to do in English, that's my tip.
    It doesn't matter how crazy it is but it helps a lot.
    Thanks one more time and …
    Regards from Brazil!

  34. Thnk youu i hve been tried to make schedule to read, listen, and write in english, but you know…sometimes i miss it for days or i feel like im not sure what i have done, will this make my english better? after i watched this i got my spirit again

  35. Omg i just sitting and realize that i dont translate this video on russian. Im just listening and understand what you say thats amazing!

  36. You inspire me so much that I can and will one day become a perfect English speaker/master through practicing time to time

  37. Спасибо, Мариночка, за видео. Я почти все поняла, но вот сама не скажу ни одного нормального (не заученного когда-то) предложения… такой ступор… пробовала общаться в приложении для обоюдного изучения языков. Мне пишут по-английски: Привет! На какую тему хотела бы пообщаться?… а я в ответ: Hi.. и удалила приложение.. вот я паникёр )))
    Ты большая умничка. У меня есть одна мысль для твоего бизнеса. Ты организуешь обучение на различных курсах английского языка, в том числе проживание в семьях и т.д. В США есть много школ для обучения тестированию программного обеспечения, думаю, ты о них знаешь. Это сейчас очень востребовано. Можно заниматься параллельно и ими – было бы здорово. ?

  38. Although I live and work in Ireland for more than a year now and I watch movies with no subtitles and understand most of it.
    This song for modest monkey made me feel I didn't even reach a beginner level ??

  39. Спасибо большое за видео, оно было несложным по лексике и очень познавательным по содержанию:))

  40. I'm speaking with customers everyday on English and it's great. My transition in 3.5 years in the US very impressive.
    Thank you for positive and kindest mood after your videos.

  41. Even im suffering from the same thing
    I understand English the only problem is i can't talk in English or say I'm not confident enough to express myself

  42. it's very tough to think in other language instead of your own mother tongue. I know it takes time to improve my English but actually whenever I have tried I failed, sometimes because of words, sometimes about hesitation (that how other reacts or thinks when i speaking some wrong terminology), or sometimes scared about public speaking. And before this course i haven't tried to listen any video in English language and even i haven't watched a Hollywood movie in English but from two to three days now I'm trying to watch two or more video in English and a movie in English.

  43. Can you check your 'transition' pronunciation again? Answer here.. Is it correct? Though It is delighted to listen your heart spoken words… You speak by the heart.. The words are ingrianed in your brain through the heart.. Once we learn by the heart it attach a sense in the brain…?????

  44. I watch your videos everyday, and read news from bbc or cnn website and listen english song. :). Thanks for everythinhg Marina

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