Leslie Jones Plays Truth or Lie with Dr. Phil

Leslie Jones Plays Truth or Lie with Dr. Phil

-We just played
a game with Dr. Phil called “Two Truths and a Lie.” -Oh.
-And he’s at good at finding — -Yeah. Okay.
-He’s the best. So, I thought…
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, exactly.
Start working it now, because he’s already
in your head. -Whatever, Dr. Phil. I need to meet
the “Cash Me Ousside” girl before we talk. You know what I’m saying? [ Laughter ] You know what I’m saying? Y’all trying to fix her
with psychology. She need a 2×4. Howbow dah? Howbow dah? [ Laughter ] -Yeah, her mama need a 2×4.
-Exactly. All of them.
-Let’s hear — Let’s — -Okay.
-Think of a truth or a lie… -Okay.
-…and have Dr. Phil — He’ll judge you on it and see if you’re telling
a truth or a lie. -Oh, okay. Um, I got chased through
a drive-through by a car. [ Suspenseful music plays ] On a date. -[ Clears throat ] You got chased
through a drive-through by a car on a date? -On a date. -What kind of drive-through? -Uh, it was McDonald’s. -McDonald’s?
Did you already have your food? -No, I ordered the food. -What did you order? -A sundae with no nuts, ’cause
he wanted to hit me with his. [ Laughter ] [ Cymbal crashing ] -Yeah. [ Closing theme plays ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Sorry to interrupt.
Where were we? -Let me tell you —
This girl is telling the truth. -Yes.
-Are you? [ Cheers and applause ] So, you got it from that? He’s that amazing.
You’re that amazing. My thanks to
Leslie Jones and Dr. Phil. A date?
-Yeah. -We’ll be right back
with a performance from Rick Ross
featuring Young Thug and Wale.

100 thoughts on “Leslie Jones Plays Truth or Lie with Dr. Phil

  1. The black bitch is one of those people that Tries sooo hard to be funny but isn’t. You can tell she’s not naturally funny and just says dumb shit…she did the same thing on another segment too. Stupid black bitch lol.

  2. Oh my gawd I luv her she hella funny ? ???????? she’s the funniest female comedian ! She’s my best friend in my head!!! Sigh, I wish I could meet her in person she’s so down to earth and just has a good heart tries get along with everyone too!

  3. In my mind Leslie Jones and I are besties ha ha ha ..
    But seriously she seems like she's so down to earth and is so real ..dr Phil..um.. cash me outside lol

  4. I hate when jimmy fallon just leaves and he thinks it’s funny sometimes he’s really annoying and I can’t stand him

  5. •Dr. P; “What did you order?”
    •Leslie J; —>“A sundae with no nuts because he wanted to hit me with his.”????????
    •Dr. P; “Let me tell you that this girl is telling the truth!”
    -Y’all, I laughed so dang hard I was freaking crying and peed a little bit on myself.

  6. I think Dr. Phill should just invite Leslie to be in the show. Just imagine her putting people in their place.
    Leslie: "How old are you again"
    Entitled Ass Child: "13"
    Leslie: "And you already levitaing? You are a punk ass bitch. You need an ass whooping. Not a frigging vacation on a ranch!"

  7. Dr Phil, you need to have Leslie Jones on your show as your co-host!!! Guest: "I ain't goin' nowhere!". Leslie:. "To THE RANCH with mah foot helpin' yo @#$!? Ass in Dr. Phil's transport team van!!"????.

  8. Just imagine if Will Smith and Leslie Jones were toguether in the same place. KABLAAAM! Full energy for the universe.

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