SAFETY or SECURITY? What’s the difference?

SAFETY or SECURITY?  What’s the difference?

safety and security what’s the
difference this is Susan Brodar from SPEAK Languages & TRAVEL the World here to help you improve your English with
minimum effort maximum benefits so safety and security are two different
words which are used in the same way in many languages instead in English they
have two very distinct meanings so what is a safety well this is a safety belt
and when you are sitting in a car you put on your safety belts because the
belt is going to keep you safe in an unexpected situation such as a car crash
so these safety belt is to protect you to keep you safe from unexpected events
instead security is refers to something which is already planned so for example
if you go through a security check at the airport through the x-ray machine
it’s especially to check that you are not carrying anything that could be
dangerous and be used for acts of terrorism for example so that could be
used to hurt other people so security is to avoid intentional danger to people to
the crew of an airline and so on so that’s a very distinct difference
security is that when people plan to do something and so you do everything
possible to be sure that the people are safe and that no one is carrying
anything dangerous that they can use in a planned attack whilst safety is
something to keep you safe in unexpected events so security in aviation refers to
the measures that an airport and airline implements to prevent malicious acts
like terrorism while safety in aviation refers to the measures
as an airport and an airline implements to ensure that passengers and crew are
safe in unexpected events like cabin depressurization in which case they’ll
give you an oxygen mask this is the safety measure okay so this was very
important because those who are studying aviation have to also be able to
distinguish the difference between safety and security but I hope this was
very useful for you and I hope to see in the next video don’t forget to subscribe

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