Top 5 Youtubers to Follow to Improve Spoken English!

Top 5 Youtubers to Follow to Improve Spoken English!

The best time to learn English… is when you are not learning English. For example, whenever you are watching an English movie, that is when you are learning. When you read a book just before sleeping, that is when you are learning English. Infact, right now while you are watching this video and reading the subtitles, you ARE learning English. And that is how Youtube finally becomes useful! So in today’s video we are going to see.. 5 categories of Youtubers who will improve your Spoken English skills. And towards the end, I’ll give you a Bonus Tip so that every time you open the Youtube app, you learn something new. But before that, if you are serious about learning English then hit that ‘like’ button because it tells me that I should make more videos about English and communication. Let’s begin. Now, it is great to watch videos that teach you grammar, but sentence formation skills and spoken english can be learnt when you consume different types of content in English and here are the 5 categories of Youtubers who will help you do that. 1. Vloggers Vloggers are people who take a camera in their hand and record their entire day. So if you have to follow a vlogger, I’d recommend Casey Neistat. He has a crazy work ethic. Watching his entire day makes you want to work hard. My second recommendation is Elle Mills. She is not really a vlogger but she tells these short-short stories from her life. Plus, they are from US and Canada, so while watching their videos you start understanding those accents as well. 2. Infotainment These are Youtubers who I wish were my school teachers. Geography Now, makes geography interesting. And Vsauce explains the mysteries of the universe. So if you like Joey are worried that you have nothing interesting to talk to your friends about then subscribe to these 2 channels right away! Closer home, the infotainment channel I like is called Vitamin Stree. They talk about social issues that affect us all (both men and women) and they use stop-motion animation which is pretty cool. 3. Entertainment Youtubers Thank God for them, otherwise we’d still be stuck with Ekta Kapoor serials. Then 2 entertainment youtubers I’d recommend are.. Lilly Singh (obvio!) and there is this series called, ‘Worth it’ by BuzzFeedVideo. These 2 guys try out similar food at 3 different restaurants at different price points. So its entertaining and you get to witness an unscripted english conversation between 2 people. Closer home, the entertainment youtuber I’d recommend is Anupama Chopra from Film Companion. Now, you may or may not agree with her reviews but I specifically go to her videos just to learn new phrases. ‘Ofcourse, War is a pop-corn entertainer and you can’t ask too many questions.’ ‘Popcorn Entertainer’ ‘Can’t ask too many questions!’ *Not-so-subtle appreciation* 4. Current Affairs In India, our media is doing comedy but overseas comedians are doing news and politics. So go follow John Oliver and Hasan Minhaj, especially if you want to be a journalist because these people will teach you how responsible media is supposed to question the government and start a dialogue. You actually feel sad when you compare them with our media that sensationalises every news. And finally, for those who want to get your hands dirty and create something, I suggest channels like PickUp Limes and GardenUp. I don’t know if it’s the cinematography or their voices but watching their videos is very soothing plus if you actually implement what they are saying then it makes you healthy and your house green and pretty. And finally, a special shoutout to your favorite Youtubers who you tagged on my Instagram. ‘Kurzgesagt – in a Nutshell’ ‘MKBHD’ ‘Pew Die Pie’ and ‘A Clockwork Reader’. I’ve left the links of all of these Youtube channels in the description and if I have missed out on any of your favourite Youtubers then comment below and let me know. As they say, you like Bollywood stars because they are larger than life but you like Youtubers because you can connect with them. Now, I can’t force you to like my favourite Youtubers but once you start watching these channels, Youtube will start recommending you similar channels and slowly you will also discover your favourite English-speaking youtubers. And if you think we also have a connection then before we go to the next segment, don’t forget to ‘Subscribe’ to my channel and hit that ‘bell’ icon because I make Career, Finance and English-communication videos every week. Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk to your favourite Youtubers to improve your English? But our today’s sponsor, ‘Cambly’ helps you have 1-on-1 private conversations with tutors around the world from US, UK, Canada etc.. who are available 24X7. And they’ll not make fun of you or judge you if your English is bad. Infact, they’ll provide you with feedback that’ll improve your english speaking skills. Just download the app, select a tutor and start talking to them, just like this.. Hello Hi Jennifer. Here is a person who is a native-english speaker and may be they’ll make fun of us. How do you think we get rid of that fear? It is definitely the best way to learn a language, is to actually use it, right? To actually speak with a human who can give you feedback. Then there are different levels…there are beginners, intermediate and more advanced lessons that we can use to help you first read the sentences that helps you understand the structure of the sentences. So, I find that Cambly is the perfect place to be able to just make mistakes and to practise and to stumble and to get better. It’s that simple. So if your New year’s resolution is to improve your English fluency or if you are giving your IELTS this year then I have got a sweet discount for you. Download the app, go to the subscribe page and enter the code, ‘tufspecial’ and you will get a 60% discount on the annual package. I have even left the download link in the description. So download the app and start talking. Apart from these English Youtubers, some Hindi Youtubers that I follow are… Dhruv Rathee and Soch who make political content, SlayyPoint calls out the irony in society and MostlySane makes me laugh, but she also raises her voice. Earlier we used to be fans of just Bollywood stars and it was okay because they demanded our time just once a year, whenever their movie released. But now there are so many influencers who constantly demand our time 24X7.. on Youtube, on Instagram. So today’s Bonus Tip is this.. Be selfish with your time. Watch content that adds value, teaches you something, makes you think, or just gives you a perspective, be it in English, Hindu, Telugu, Bengali or any other language so that everytime you close the Youtube app, you feel like you’ve learnt something new (and not like you’ve wasted 4 hrs of your life!) On that note, if you think I can also add value to your friends then don’t forget to share this video with them. I promise to see you again in the next video, until then Keep fighting, The Urban Fight to be Fit!

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