39 thoughts on “What is a Blog? How It Works and the Difference Between a Blog and a Website

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  2. Hey there!! Am hooked on your videos, perfect timing as I start my site. Apart from what is in this video is there a benefit to having a blog vs a site in terms of monetising for affiliates and does either enjoy more traffic traction? Thanks !

  3. QUESTION: I seen a few videos about blogging and I myself would have more then enough content to talk about since I have a business and in the process of starting a way overdue you tube channel, HOWEVER, there is still some in between the lines, you can say, info that is not being clarify about blogging. For example:
    You focused your explanation in regards to doing personal blogging (which I honest to God don’t understand how do ppl make money just talking about things they like).
    2. You mentioned about using platforms like Blogger to do so, how does that work? Why not just a regular website? How do new ppl get to see what you write and how does that create any revenue?
    3. I have a cleaning business for example and since it’s still pretty new I been meaning to start a blog section for a while but had no time to even research about and had other priorities at the time but now I really want to start with something small every week. I have the option to creat a blog section in my business website but how are ppl going to ever know that such blog exists other then going directly to my website?
    Plus I want be able to do a different blog eventually regarding a completely different subject, how would I do that?
    How will that blog increase the amount of traffic being sent to my website and what are the ways of making extra money with it?
    4. It’s creating a website that has mainly blogging content consider a Blog it self or is there a difference? I’m really confused. I will appreciate the answer to my Qs! THANK YOU ??

  4. I've tried to find a YouTube video that would get to the point of what a blog is rather than how to set up a blog using one platform or another. Thanks for this! … and I don't mind the little bit about Portugal at the beginning – that's a Vlog, not so? 😉

  5. Do i have to register my blog name as a business name? Also for my logo? How do i create one and register it?

  6. Great video, as I just started a website to days ago I had no idea what a blog even was or how to use one, and this video was very helpful thank you sir

  7. thanks for that mate that was really helpful as i have started my website with a blog page on it also i have added a forum page on my website you think the two go hand in hand or am i overdoing it

  8. You talk about blogging in terms of a business venture. How would you classify Peter McKinnon or Roberto Blake? They provide entertainment, and training. Selling a product or service is secondary. 8 Passengers and April and Davy is about their family's life. They don't sell anything.

  9. I love the layout for your create and go website. I am starting a blog on nutrition and fitness. Is there a way I can learn how to set mines up to look like that?

  10. Many thanks for your clarification and inspiration. Blogging is an avenue I'll now look at seriously.

  11. Good morning!
    I feel like I’m late in the game with blogging but I’m for fortunate for these videos. I think I’ve watch 80% of your videos. Can’t wait to take the course.


  12. Out of all the content that is out there regarding " how to create a blog", this is the most helpful. I am looking forward to the 7 day course THANK YOU in advance.

  13. How do you subscribe to your blog?? I can't find anywhere to subscribe. Aren't we supposed to get subscribers for our blogs? Forget me, I was born when typewriters were manual. lol. So any technology takes me some time. At least I am continuing to learn.

  14. Decent video… But why in the hell did this kid decide to tell us all about his vacation to Portugal for nearly two minutes? lol I don't get it, because the rest of the video was pretty well done, clear, concise and helpful. It's just that very first two minutes of digression to get passed. lol anyhow thanks dude… Cheers!

  15. Thank you for answering that question in great detail, which I was looking for. I'm an educator, writer, and technology enthusiast. I'm currently building my blog which I intend to use for writing about art, culture, and politics. I'm hoping to start by first getting my family and friends to read and respond to my posts and eventually, I hope, through word of mouth I will get more visitors. I have to say, honestly, that I'm not very focused at this point. I would like to make some money by blogging. But I'm not sure how to do that. I do have one Idea but I know it's going to require a lot of work, and I already have a part-time job that occupies about 30 hours a week of my time. I'm thinking about writing and selling ebooks on various topics, mostly about writing. It's just a thought. I'd like to know more about your story. How did you make the transition from working full-time to blogging and make a very admirable income in the process? I tip my hat to you, my young friend.

  16. Very detailed video, you have provided great information regarding difference between a blog and a website, great work!

  17. Hi Alex! Thanks for the great information. You have my sub! I just launched a hunting, and outdoor creative writing blog with GoDaddy/Wordpress. I set-up a theme that displays an outdoor picture on the entire front cover, as I want to high-light our outdoor photography on the cover page, then you click on to the blog tab from the option's to open the blog. Do you think this works? Or do you think the blog material should be part of the cover format? Thank you for your consideration, and any comments you have! David B.

  18. Just went to Portugal and totally fell in love! The people are so nice and I looooved the fruits and vegetables! Amazing!

  19. Thank you so much! Straight to the point! Everything is clear, and professionally executed! I wish you luck!

  20. I've slowed down on my blog prep but this video came the day I decided to step up.
    This month I will launch.
    Thanks for your help.

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